A Cog, A Dog, a Blog

CogDogBlog has been home, my domain of my own, on the web since April 2013. It's my space for thinking out loud, sharing my ideas, and codes, and other bits of life.

Blogging has been and still is one of most important ways I spend my time- not for getting an audience, but mainly for a place to hang my thoughts.



Photography is my favorite creative thing to do. Since 2004 I have shared over 50,000 photos on flickr, all released under open licenses. Many of my photos have been reused and sometimes people pick them for their online avatar.

Since 2008 I have done a daily photo project, where one I pick is posted to flickr. This regular practice drives other efforts, like a Wordpress theme for offering daily creative challenges.

Photos in flickr

I run a Barking Dog Studios site for showing off my own favorites; this site too features my own customizations that pulls metadata from uploaded photos.

Barking Dog Studios

Web Works

You know the saying about the cobbler's children needing shoes? With 20+ years experience being witness and participant in its evolution and building my own piles of "stuff", I lack a coherent portfolio of my projects. Having learned everything about building the web from the web it's always meant anything I have built is shared openly (and blogged too).

My early highlights includes the Writing HTML Tutorial and the Feed2JS service (still in operation). I have a long record of developing and designing in Wordpress including building systems for content syndication and a series of tools built as stand alone Wordpress themes.

An interest in web-based storytelling combined with tapping into the flickr API led to development of two tool sites- Five Card Flickr Stories and Pechaflickr

Giving attribution is a long running theme in the blog and maybe my all time favorite contribution is the flickr cc attribution helper.

If anything is a symbol of how I work it is this very site, my own modifications of a static web template, which I have also converted to a version made freely available as a Wordpress theme and blogged the story behind it.

GitHub Projects

Show Time! Presentations

Yikes, there I go with the obligatory TEDx photo. Well, giving one in San Juan, Puerto Rico about my most memorable teachers was... memorable. Call me a cliché.

I've had the fortune to give a number of keynotes and conference presentations, workshops, in person, online, in many parts of the world.

In the dog-fooding department, where in 2008 I blogged about the presentation not being the same as the presentation slides, I keep a "Best in Show" collection of not only the decks, but archived recordings (many times my own audio recording) and a web page for most that include all web sites mentioned.

Best in Show Presentations