In a workshop setting you will be provided on the table a collection of objects that are removed from their place of origin, and likely offer no context to their purpose. This might be a part from a machine, a page from a book/magazine, a piece of electronics, a part of a toy. If you are not doing this is one of my workshops, you can substitute any found object (the object itself is not the real point of the activity).

Again, succeeding in this activity is not the point.

Use whatever resources you have at your availability to learn as much as you can about the object. You can draw from your own experience, expertises, look things up online, ask someone else. If you are unable to find any definitive answer (or even a good guess), you are welcome to be creative and make up a meaning that seems to fit the object (this is not an exercise in being “correct”!).

Take a photo of your object, maybe easiest done with smart phone. Then, visit the Image Collector site to share your object and interpretation. Follow the link for Add Image on the left side, an select the image to add. Indicate your best guess for what it is as the Title for Image, and add more detail below under Description. Select the category of Contextless Objects (this way we can see all the examples and investigations done for this activity).

Once saved make sure you copy or save the URL for your share photo, and use that link to enter as the response to this Web Trick to show your work. You may want to add in your response if this was a frustrating activity (it likely was) or how motivated you were to investigate. This is just the first part of a series of linked activities.

Example for "[Trying to] Identify Contextless Objects":

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After you do this web Trick, please share it so it can appear with other responses below. If your response exists at a public viewable URL, you can add the information directly to this site.

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