H5P offers a large collection tools you create interactive content that can be used in WordPress, Drupal, and Moodle platforms via plugins, or used in any other site that can embed HTML.

This includes memory games, images annotated with hotspots, interactive video, audio recorders, flash cards, image ordering, and more. All are published as HTML5 content that will work in web browsers and on mobile devices. All of this is free to use.

First explore the collection of examples to see the kinds of content you can create with H5P. Then create a free account on H5P.org and login so you can test drive creating your own content.

This example was one that compares a before and after self-remodel of a 1970s vintage kitchen.

This is but one of many kinds of interactions you can create with H5P and use in your content management system. See the authoring guide for more references on using this tool.

Example for "Create Interactive Rich Media Content with H5P":

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