Part of the ISS Institute Tour

Alan Levine •
November, 2017 • Victoria, Australia


  1. Disclaimers
  2. No Solutions Offered
  3. A Hammer, by itself is a Tool
  4. What Good is a High Tech Hammer?
  5. A Hammer in the Hand… becomes a new tool?
  6. But When they Say “Technology is Just a Tool”?
  7. Jimi, It’s Just a Guitar
  8. Claude, It’s Just a Paintbrush
  9. Craft Over Tools
  10. Avoid Disposable Assignments
  11. Open as Welcoming, Acknowledging
  12. There is Value in Seeing What Others Do
  13. Share, Credit As Much As Possible
  14. If you are not having fun you are doing the wrong thing
  15. Start With a Do
  16. Go!

Fully acknowledging Presentations Skills Considered Harmful

Featured image: 2015/365/341 Moon and Venus Over Desert Sunrise flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license