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About Those Flying Cars They Promised Us (ASCUE 2017)

Keynote presentation for ASCUE 2017 Annual Conference


At the time of this organization’s first conference gathering at Tarkio College, I was engaged in the kind of screen time kids did in the late 1960s – television. It seemed probable that in the far off future of 2017 we’d be zipping to the 50th conference in the flying cars the Jetsons promised us. While that has not panned out, much of our current technology would seem fanciful in 1968. Yet what has been most interesting then and moving ahead is less about the hardware and more about the stories, connections and relationships of the people inside the cars. Jump into the flying car of my mind to dart through back through time, ponder what makes learning memorable, find our place of wonder, and explore the power of structured serendipity as we gaze into the next 50 years.


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