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Staking Your Claim: How the Open Web is Won for Teaching and Learning (DML Workshop)

Digital Media & Learning Conference 2017 a pre-conference workshop co-presented with Kim Jaxon (Oct 4, 2017)


How do educators support students as they navigate an open web? What is our shared responsibility as curators of the web? How do we build an open space that maintains a culture of kindness and playfulness? To understand the challenges and affordances of an open web, to realize its democratic potential, we must be players on the web. At most educational institutions–kindergarten through college–students and teachers are limited to whichever Learning Management platform the institution supports. But the promise of the open web can never be realized inside the LMS: learning to curate, make, network, collaborate, and create robust identities happens outside, on the open range. We invite participants to imagine, play, and and stake their own bit of land on the open web.

With a Connected Learning framework–principles that focus on identities, networks, and communities– and expanding on last year’s Crafting Connected Courses workshop (, we will open up the frontiers of possibility with hands on exploration and creativity.

We will saddle up and roam among multiple examples of teaching and learning on the web that leverages the affordances there. This is not about creating course content sites as a knock off of what the LMS does, but of creating course experience sites.

We hope that the examples from a range of courses will provide inspiration for you to construct your own iterations, whether it’s a home for your professional digital identity or a site to do something not possible inside the Big City LMSes. Or maybe to dream of something that does not exist yet.

Participants do not need any experience in building websites; this workshop can help you get started with a set of pre-built homesteads for you to experiment with. For participants who already have websites, we will offer opportunities to play and “level up” by offering how to roll these into your existing strongholds. We will create calling cards and SPLOTs and Course Syndication Hubs as well as ideas for integrating/curating activity from the social media rodeos. We see this day as moving between seeing examples and hands on time to play with sites and tools that you can try, no matter your experience with website design.

Are you ready to go for a wild ride out on the open web?

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Staking Your Claim: How the Open Web is Won for Teaching & Learning

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