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What the SPLOT is That? (Reclaim Hosting Workshop)

This presentation and workshop was part of the Reclaim Hosting Workshop (see summary of the 2018 version) in Fredericksburg, Virginia to introduce the concept of SPLOTS (“Smallest? Possible? Learning? Online? Tool?”) to educators offering Domains of One’s Own projects.

What are SPLOTs?

That’s the playful fun of this project, there is no fixed definition. But the ones I have been working on since 2014 are WordPress themes designed to be easy to install, configurable single purpose tools. See for examples as well as my WordPress Calling Card themes.

The presentation itself was appropriately delivered in one of the SPLOTs that turns WordPress into a presentation tool (see SPLOTpoint):

Using a SPLOT to explain SPLOTs!

Presentation Materials

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