Hello World

This is so un-original! But hey, they say “Learn to Code”…

Round and Round We Go

Keith’s Bicycle Track, 1901-1902 public domain Wikimedia Commons photo https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Keiths_Bicycle_Track,_1901-1902.JPG

Be Fascinated With a Camera

Easily, my favorite subject is digital photography. In this meme image, I play with the word “subject” as the object of the lens. Clever, eh? Made at imgflip…

Learning Photography

This looks like the work of someone learning film photography and printing. Maybe it fell out of their portfolio. The glossy paper is definitely the kind used in…


An Alan Key?

Laser pointer

Small green keychain attachment that is also a laser pointer

MediaTek DVD Player Circuit Board

LED circuit board

This object appears to be a a light board for a toy, a game or something that was once fun or acted as a monitor of some process…

Wth is this

Blue plastic book stand

Marina card

Be surf bug