Explaining One’s Thinking

Explain the Desire to Explain

How Kids Benefit From Learning To Explain Their Math Thinking (KQED MindShift)

Math teachers of older students sometimes struggle to get students to explain their thinking with evidence. It’s hard to get kids in the habit of talking about how they are thinking about a problem when they’ve had many years of instruction that focused on getting the “right answer.” That’s why educators are now trying to get students in the habit of explaining their thinking at a young age.

Sian Proctor, Geology Faculty, South Mountain Community College

Sian Proctor

Sian Proctor flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

“Student Screencast Videos: A New Way To Increase Engagement, Unleash Creativity, And Communicate Understanding”

Student created screencast videos are a unique way of having students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of complex topics while also establish accountability in an online learning environment. Screencast technology can be used to have students communicate knowledge, demonstrate mastery, and inspire creativity.

Students are given specific guidelines for each investigation: 1-5 minutes used to show knowledge, demonstrate mastery of a skill, or reflective (metacognition).

Their final activity is to compile all their videos, reflect on what they have learned, and synthesize it into a Google Site. The students find the videos and the Google Site activity rewarding because it enables them to tie the entire semester together and provides an avenue for them to showcase their work.

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