Part of the ISS Institute Tour

Alan Levine •
November, 2017 • Victoria, Australia

There are lots of things that are “on” the web (doh) but let me ask if you think of the things you do as being “of” the web. Bear with this perhaps semantic nitpicking or old fogey wishing for the good ole days of the simple times when it was the wild wild web west. I remember dreaming in HTML.
— me,

  1. Those Neatly Divided Lines Are Blurred
  2. As Simple As T-Shirts?
  3. Small Pieces Thinking
  4. Your Enthusiasm
  5. On Acknowledgement
  6. Dogfooding
  7. It Came from DS106
  8. Doing It Daily
  9. Unintended Daily Create Bonus: Sharing Where I Learn
  10. Assignment Banks
  11. A Studio Approach: The UDG Agora Project
  12. That Object You Looked at? Share Your Process!
  13. Go!

Featured image: 2014/365/169 It Is Just The Web, That’s It and Everything flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)