I’m Alan Levine, here is my calling card. I’ve blogged at http://cogdogblog.com since 2003 all about the web, educational technology, media, WordPress, photography, occasional rants.

Sometimes people actually want me to come visit and say/do things. It’s not quite this…

… but I do aim to bring the best show I got.

Within this site you will find a near complete archive of all my presentations and talks. I believe a talk is much more than a slide deck, and thus always aim to provide a collection of resources, links, related content that will be useful.

You will almost never see me come armed with PowerPoint. I use a wide array of presentation tools and approaches, including web-based SPLOTpoint, Reveal.js, Keynote, Wikis, and once a StoryBox. And likely a few more I cannot recall.

I’ve got past slide decks squirreled away on Slideshare (http://www/slideshare.net/cogdog) but now prefer to post them to Speaker Deck (https://speakerdeck.com/cogdog).

Until August 2018 I kept an archive of these materials on a Wikispaces site (http://cogdog.wikispaces.com/) but since they yanked the plug on their entire platform, my materials have come home where they should be, in a domain of my own.

This is a work in progress  (an ugly archive of the Wikispaces site exists).