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Telling a Story in Four Icons/Sounds

Workshop for Grade 2 Students at Yokohama International School


audience: 2nd grade
goal: Identify/reduce major elements of a story and represent them creatively in visual and audio forms

inspired by ds106 assignment

What Are Icons?
Not pictures, but simple visual representation of things, so they can be quickly recognized and knowing a language not necessary. Shoe different between picture of a train and a road sign train warning sign.
Show stop/play buttons like on audio devices.
Icons that local students would readily know?

is it possible to represent a story in such a simple form?

Optional Examples

Story – Tell a short story in familiar form, with photos and narration- Alan tells story of his dog, Dominoe, who got lost and found him.

Break it down (discussion)

Show a grid with blanks and a place to write in ideas- guided activity to ask what are 4 major elements, e.g. (1) Dog (2) Empty Forest (3) Night/Moon (4) Dog Again

Then ask, what sounds might represent these same? e.g. (1) bark, pant (2) wind, footsteps (3) Silence? owl? (4) Dog barking

Use a story the class is studying or recently read
On paper, decide on the 4 things to represent the story

  • Draw 4 icons to represent them.
  • For at least one, try and find an object in the room to represent it
  • Using voice or objects in room, try and find 4 sounds to represent the 4 moments
  • Sharing:Present the stories 3 times- first by showing drawings/objects with just sounds, both together

Can a story be simplified? How hard would it be for someone to understand the story? Would this make you want to learn more about the story?

Pigs and ?

Pigs and ? flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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