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We, Our Digital Selves, and Us (Flat Classroom Project Keynote)

invited keynote for the 2012 Flat Classroom Project (WayBack link)

Our language of saying “going online” carries the connotation that we go to a different place, and with that, who we are in these places has a different identity. With the ubiquity of mobile devices, we effectively carrying the internet in our pockets, and for me, carries questions about the blurred boundary of “online” versus “offline”. In this video, I would like to explore these questions, share some stories, and make some suggestions about managing our own identities versus having it managed for us.

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"’I am acquainted with many people (because I have met them in thought or in dreams) whom I do not know (have never met in the flesh, nor heard of).’ Having met other souls while wandering in dreams (line 8) or in some way equally difficult of rational explanation, I have a circle of acquaintances that transcends the list of those of whom I have knowledge in any recognized way."
Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer see footnote 5 in LXXV[1] in Legends, Tales, and Poems

Extra Video from Student Conversations

Followup Talk

See summary of session comments from students as well as the word cloud of comment word pairs:

Many Eyes generated cloud of word pairs from student comments

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