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Tasting Tour: Branching Into H5P (THECB Learning Summit)

A branching tour of H5P for
the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Digital Learning Summit
July 12, 2022

Not to be confused with a brand name sauce, H5P exemplifies perhaps the best attributes of OER. As an open source platform independent tool, H5P produces web standard interactive content laced with attribution and open licenses, but also in a sharable form prime for reuse and remix. That’s all technically impressive, but for educators, the value it provides is the ability to embed in the context of learning managerial the kinds of practice activities that so effectively reinforce learning.

This opening session is part choose your own introduction adventure making use of the H5P Branching Scenario content type but also an opportunity to first sample hands on a wide buffet of H5P examples in the subject areas of interest to you. Once you have a taste of H5P…

Presentation about H5P done in H5P

Session info plus recording available for download (mp4)

Featured Image: Foreground sign from Wallace Island Intersection flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license remixed by Alan Levine to change text on signs and replace background with El Capitan, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas flickr photo by Ken Lund shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license yielding a remix license CC BY-SA.

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