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Into the Kitchen: Cooking and Spicing Up OERs with H5P (THECB Learning Summit)

These was a hands-on online workshop for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s Digital Learning Summit on July 12, 2022.

Into the Kitchen: Cooking and Spicing Up OERs with H5P

If the opening session made you hungry for more, we venture next into a direct experience remixing, editing, creating your own H5P content. Often these types of sessions expose you to the overwhelming array of content types — just grabbing a random tool from the kitchen drawer is no way to learn to cook. Like the cooking guide Salt, Fat, Acid, Heatperhaps there are basic elements of H5P cooking.

So we will start first with taking one of those samples from the tasting tour or one you can find from the shelf, then opening it up in the H5P authoring platform to modify and understand how it was made. Yes, remix is in the mix.

We will provide some suggestions for places you can publish and share what you made. Finally, with some first experiences in the H5P Kitchen, you ought to have everything you need to start creating your own dishes from scratch.

All of the activities here will be highly participatory, ideally fun, and all of the materials will be available so you can come back and cook at your own pace.

Workshop Materials available:

Session Info and Downloadable recording available:

Featured Image: Unsplash photo by Michael Browning modified by Alan Levine to include the H5P logo.

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