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Send In The Clones: How Open Infrastructure For Copying Promotes Transformation (#OERxDomains21)

co-presented with Brian Lamb
OERxDomains21 Conference
April 21, 2021



As a working example of platform cooperativism, the Open EdTech Collaborative (OpenETC) provides community support and an open infrastructure for educators and students in the British Columbia post-secondary sector.

A core component of the OpenETC platform is the ability to clone websites: not just design and theming elements, but also content and configurations. The OpenETC uses this functionality to promote a range of open practices, boosting benefits for the community via:

* Enhancing the sign-up and onboarding process for new users, giving them a range of ready to run environments, embedding support resources, and hurdling past “Hello World”.

* Encouraging instructors to go beyond simply assigning technology-based projects such as ePortfolios, and inviting them to think deeply about desired outcomes and to embed pedagogical prompts throughout the assignment.

* Allowing open educators to share not only educational content, but to share working application frameworks, promoting the reuse of multimedia, H5P elements, mapping tools, and other interactive and technical pieces.

* Fast replication and customization of advanced online development work across all partner institutions.

We’ll also discuss mechanisms that would allow for similar sharing beyond specific platforms. We have the tools at hand to share the tools for open educational practices as easily as we share OER.

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