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Clue! It was Professor WordPress in the Address Bar with a URL (#PressEdConf21)

This is the reference site for my 2021 PressEd Conference twitter based talk about… the productive things you can do in WordPress just by knowing and manipulating it’s URL structure. Not even a mention of code is here.

Get clued into the ins and outs of how your WordPress site generates its web addresses (htaccess! permalinks! slugs!) as well as some tricks for manipulating URLs for searching, randomizing, and date scanning sites.

Presentation delivered via tweets from The Platform I Will Only Call Twitter, originally it was shared as an embedded “Moment” but like many things from this sorry space, no longer works. You may get there via a direct link (until you know who yanks access)

But you can also see all the content for as long as I breathe via my own WordPress site built with WP-Highlights!

Imagery based upon my own photos and editing thereof of the Clue 50th Anniversary edition board game. Professor image CC0 from Open Peeps with added WordPress logo.

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