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Cooking and Spicing Up OERs with H5P (Arizona OER Conference)

A sequel to sharing the H5P/PB Kitchen as a keynote February 19 for the Arizona OER Conference. A week later, I brought to the same conference a hands on 90 minute workshop.

Open Educational Resources are like a fine meal, but how can you make them even better? In this hands-on workshop you will explore H5P, a tool for adding interactive activities to your OERs, many of them types of activities not available in typical content development systems. The advantages of H5P are that it is not tied to a single platform, what you produce is web-standard HTML5 that can be exported, shared, and remixed for use elsewhere. You will discover how to find examples of H5P used in your discipline to give you ideas what is possible. Next, you will get to experience remixing existing H5P content and explore the more than 40 activity types you can use. In addition, you will get time to experiment with making your own H5P content from scratch.

Workshop materials available

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