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Inside the H5P Kitchen (Arizona OER Conference)

A keynote presentation for
the 2021 Arizona OER Conference.
February 19, 2021

Inside the H5P/Pressbooks Kitchen: Supporting BCcampus Open Homework Systems Projects

Across British Columbia’s higher education sector, BCcampus has been successful at expanding the development and adoption of a growing number of open textbooks. A next level effort is support by their Open Homework Systems Project, aimed at taking on the proliferation of commercial publishers’ homework problem platforms. This supported a first round of projects aimed at updating existing open textbooks authored in Pressbooks with infusions of interactive practice activities created with H5P software. The metaphor of “cooking with H5P and Pressbooks” in a kitchen was designed to reinforce the experimental practice, working / deviating from recipes, and the communal attributes of these familiar spaces. This presentation will provide an overview of the project and share examples from the first “spiced up” textbooks now available for use and reuse. What can be better than home cooking?

View the web-based presentation

The “secret ingredient” I wove into this was using H5P examples on many of the “slides” (really just WordPress posts), but not explaining this until one third the way in. I made use of the H5P Agamatto content type for a few places to show connections, the Image Juxtaposition one to show before/after of the project textbooks, and a few more. I tossed in a closing branching scenario one as a conclusion.

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