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Open as a Question; Wikimedia as Example (not Answer)

This was part of the opening day of a full week workshop for faculty of the University of Guadalajara focused on growing their practices of open education.

I was part of a delivery team on the UDG Mural project coordinated by the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC).

This topic was framed by pre-event responses of UDG professors that indicated a high level distrust of information from WikiPedia, but also, a minimal familiarity of it’s ecosystem. This this day’s purpose:

A simple question indeed. Why open? We will explore this through exploration and activities with perhaps the most successful open endeavor ever- the Wikimedia global movement, which you may know mostly through Wikipedia. There is much more to it than an encyclopedia.

All materials are found on the project web site, including:

Additional Resources Provided

  • Mozfest 17 Wikipedia Games includes a great set of activities to better understand how Wikipedia works (Anne Marie-Scott, Edinburgh University)
  • Everything is Connected (Wikimedia Labs) β€œis a knowledge game, relying on knowledge about the world in order to be solved. You get some pieces and have to figure out how they fit together. How they are connected. But unlike with a normal puzzle, whether or not two pieces fit together does not depend on the shape of the piece – afterall, all pieces are squares but it depends whether or not there is a known connection between them.” The game is based on information in WikiData
  • WikiData Basics (University of Edinburgh)
  • Powered by Wikidata, Histropedia (English only) includes over 300,000 historical timelines and an index over 1.5 million events that you can use to build new timelines.
  • The Wiki Game
  • Wikipedia: The Text Adventure (Text adventure style game by Kevan Davis)
  • Wiki Loves Monuments (an annual photography contest held in September aimed at collecting images of important cultural heritage)

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