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What the SPLOT is That? (#PressEdConf18)

A 15 minute twitter talk done for the Press Ed Conference, What the SPLOT is That?. That’s right, I attended and presented a fantastic conference about the use of WordPress in Education, all from my chair at home, a conference done in twitter.

What the SPLOT is that? We never agree on what the acronym means. A series of single purpose learning tools that don’t require accounts or personal identification, SPLOTs are built as WordPress themes, completely configurable w/o coding and 100% open. See

The billboard theme was inspired by real ones. It’s one of those things to keep your attention on long drives. From hundreds of miles away are billboards enticing you to check out The Thing in southern Arizona. From a piece in Vice:

The Thing is advertised on billboards stretching hundreds of miles, from Arizona to Texas, but it’s impossible to understand The Thing until you’re staring right at it.

The “talk” was saved as a Twitter moment. Enjoy the road trip.


Can’t fit attribution into tweets, so…

Featured Image: Remix of photo for the Thing from The two RV Gypsies traveled from New Mexico to Benson, Arizona May 15, 2015

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