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Alan Levine's Presentation Showcase

Developing Digital Fluency through the Open Web & Connected Learning

Invited presentation / workshop for the Disruptive Media Learning Lab at Coventry University, Coventry, U.K., April 16, 2018.


How can you support students as they navigate the open web so they become active participators and make the most of the opportunity to develop their online presence? What is our shared responsibility as curators of the web? How do we build an open space that maintains a culture of kindness and playfulness? To understand the challenges and affordances of an open web, to realize its democratic potential, we must be makers of/on the web.

Learning to curate, make, communicate, collaborate and create robust online identities is an essential skill for graduates who will be working (and living) in a hyperconnected world. And this can only be achieved through experimentation with/on the open web, through spaces like Coventry.Domains and a wider range of tools.

With a Connected Learning framework–principles that focus on identities, networks, and communities, we will open up the frontiers of possibility with hands on exploration and creativity.

Presentation Materials

Available at (published in my Big Picture WordPress Calling Card theme!)

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