Best in Show

Alan Levine's Presentation Showcase

Storymaking: What Works?

A remote presentation for Regina Catholic Schools Connected Educator program

Alan Levine http://cog.dog

Keychain stories (as fishbowl)

Digital Storytelling (no lists of tools / apps), like talking about kitchen appliances than the meal

What works?


The Hook

Fundamental Unit of Digital Story: The Image

infinite repating image of a smart phone image of smae smart phone...

Image by Gerd Rohs from Pixabay


Telling Stories with Photos: Five Card Flickr Stories

Story Shape

Story Spine

Storytelling? Performing?

Tell me a Story!

Baby crying

public domain image from pexels

Improv with Pechaflickr

ds106: Online Digital Storytelling COurse/Community

DS106 Daily Create- Small Challenge

Open Assignment bank


Example: Four Icon Stories

Modified for for second graders

Buckets of mixable ideas

Heard on the Twitters…

Featured Image

Camp Fire

Camp Fire flickr photo by pasukaru76 shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

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